Maximizing Video To Sell and Get Booked

We live in times of shrinking attention spans. People have become very visual and don’t like to read. Video production is on the rise. Dramatically. Every single minute, there are over 300 hours of new video uploaded to YouTube. 12 days every minute! There is a reason for this.

Video has the power to share ideas and tell stories in a manner that is unmatched by other mediums and its popularity continues to skyrocket. In fact, a common estimate is that 74% of all internet traffic next year will be video based. Have you been considering using video to get your message across, but don’t know where to start? In this presentation you will learn:

  • What to expect when filming a demo or promo reel including what’s needed from you
  • Facts about video and your return on investment
  • Why you need to have a definite purpose for your video and not just jump on the video bandwagon
  • What to expect to pay to work with a videographer­
  • Why different styles of video (Informal vs Produced, and Demo Reels)
  • The importance of branding, Intros/Outros & Animated Logos
  • The value of social media branding and using them in updates
  • YouTube channel trailers, Facebook welcome videos
  • Why you should embed your videos
  • Where and why to host videos on different platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia

Our presenters on September 8 will be videographer Jason Gordon and The Tech Expert David Papp.

Jason Gordon

Jason Gordon

Jason is the founder of MOBLpixl, a freelance video production service provider based in Edmonton. Gordon found his passion for the art of cinematography at a young age and through years of experience has developed a creative edge and a good head for what works. Using his imagination and experience Jason brings many different visions to the screen. One of his latest major focuses includes the sharing of knowledge through the powerful medium of video.

David Papp

David Papp

David Papp is a tech pioneer specializing in Social Media, CyberSecurity & Privacy, and Technology Management. He is well-recognized in all things tech.

With a degree in computer engineering and numerous industry certifications, he has established his reputation over 25 years of professional field experience. He spends his time helping organizations and individuals embrace technology to thrive in the online world. His popularity as an everyday “tech expert” have made him a popular media resource and garnered him 200,000 Twitter followers. He brings an engaging and passionate perspective to the podium to educate and entertain. David is an author and a member of the CAPS Edmonton.

Join us as CAPS Edmonton kicks off its fall series of events on Thursday, September 8. Networking begins at 6:30pm and our speakers start their presentations at 7:00.


Venue Map

Date | Times

September 8, 2016
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM


Jason Gordon
David Papp


Sawridge Inn Edmonton South
4235 Gateway Blvd.
Edmonton, Alberta


Member Early Bird - $10.00 - Member Late Registration - $20.00
Non Member Early Bird - $45.00 - Non Member Late Registration - $55.00


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